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February 23, 2007 (2007-02-23)
January 2, 2007 (2007-01-02)
April 6, 2007 (2007-04-06)[1]
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Gran Fiesta Tour is the new replacement for the El Rio del Tiempo at the Mexico pavilion. The ride features the The Three Caballeros from the 1944 Disney film.[2]

[edit] Ride Description

At the loading section of the ride, there are three large posters featuring the Three Caballeros and a poster saying the Three Caballeros are playing a concert tonight. After leaving the loading area, guests enter the restaurant area and then pass into a tunnel featuring animal sounds and music. This scene is the same from the original ride.[3]

After passing into the tunnel, Jose and Panchito appear on a screen in front of you indicating they are late for a concert and are looking for Donald. You next float into the next scene where you see Donald taking photos, an Aztec pyramid smile at Donald and Panchito and Jose searching for Donald. These films include both live action film and animations. This section of the ride showed the historical and cultural side of Mexico.

The next scene is reminiscent of 'its a small world' with dancing and reveling animatronics including a Donald Duck piñata. This scene is almost identical to the original ride .

Guests next float into the caves which feature Donald in different scenes along with Jose and Panchito looking for him. Some of the scenes are Jose and Panchito asking a chef for help looking for Donald, Donald cliff diving, Donald meeting a baby octopus and a Mexican sunset. This section of the ride is the same as the old except the new footage. Some of the original footage was kept and added the animation.

After you exit the caves, you are greeted to a fiesta that is going on prior to the concert. A Mariachis band plays in the first area, Mexican girls and Donald are in the second while in the third is Panchito and Jose trying to drag Donald away from the women. This is a new film replacing the old one which featured Mexican merchants trying to sell you their wares.

The last scene of the ride features Mexico City as the backdrop with fireworks over head as the concert with the Three Cabelleros finally begins. This replaces the carousel that was in the previous ride.

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